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Because Firefighter & EMT job openings are difficult to find, Fire Career Assistance is designed to give YOU a competitive edge while making your Fire Service or Emergency Medical Service job search easier! Before you can acquire a Fire Service or EMS job you must know which Fire Departments or Emergency Medical Service agencies are accepting job applications. This can be the biggest challenge in your Firefighter or EMS job search. Established in 1994, Fire Career Assistance, has been the premier source for fire service firefighter job openings in 16 Western states, Illinois & Florida. We’ve helped hundreds of Firefighter candidates get hired & helped thousands more advance their fire careers.

To be successful YOU need an edge finding Fire Department, Firefighter or EMT jobs. It’s imperative you stay informed of these Firefighter & EMT employment job openings. Take the first step to becoming a Firefighter, EMT or Paramedic. We have helped aspiring Firefighters, Rookie Firefighters, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMT’s & Fire Chiefs find jobs. Provide yourself with Fire Department & EMS job recruitment listings; as well as, testing tips.  Jobs updated regularly with new fire fighting career positions for Municipal, State, Federal & even Private Fire Agencies. YOU can’t afford to pass up this opportunity on your future? Let us help YOU! Don’t miss another firefighter or fire service testing opportunity.

Fire Service Employment has been specifically developed for EMT’sFirefighters like YOU. We offer assistance in preparing you for an exciting job in Firefighting. To successfully become a Firefighter you need a wealth of information & test for Firefighter positions regularly.
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