Types Of Fire Alarm Systems And Their Benefits.

The risk of a fire breaking out is always imminent on any building regardless of the measures you might put in place. But does this mean that one should just pursue a “don’t care approach” and hope for the best? Well, you can do several things to ensure that a building is safe from fire and the people inside there can always be alerted and have a safe escape route in case it breaks out. Commercial buildings are required by the law to have a fire alarm system that protects the people inside there by alerting them of any fire hazard.

Before going into the details of a fire alarm system, it is vital to conduct a fire risk assessment in any building. This helps to point out the areas that are risky and even guide the technicians who will take charge of the installation of any fire detection and alarm equipment. You will come across a variety of fire alarm systems today, and it is vital to understand the options before picking out a suitable one for your building. Read on;

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.

These are the most common ones you will come across, and they are mostly used in small properties such as restaurants and shops. They are the simplest of them all and the cheapest as well. Their method of operation is straightforward in that they segment a building or place into several detection zones. All the detectors in these zones are physically connected to the control panel, and different zones can have several detectors based on the risk level. When there is a fire in one of the zones, a detector is activated, and the control panel shows the zone in which there is a fire. The downside of these systems is that one has to search for the triggered detector manually especially if several of them are in one area.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.

These systems are an improvement of the conventional ones. They offer more information on the fire hazard in that they give details of the individual detectors and not only the zones they are in. They are dubbed intelligent systems and are primarily designed for large premises where locating a detector might be hard owing to the size of a single zone. They are more difficult to install and are based on complex networked systems. However, they offer better flexibility and intelligence and can help to identify fire instances faster than the conventional ones. The control panel is the heart of this system, and it can identify the exact location of a fire, contamination or smoke presence.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems.

These are similar to the conventional systems, but they are suited to applications where no wiring is allowed. They are more expensive to buy but more flexible and cheaper to install. The individual detectors and control panels are connected via a wireless network, and modern-day protocols have led to the production of more reliable wireless systems as opposed to those used in the past. Talk to one of the best experts in the fire safety industry Bartec Fire Safety Systems – Vancouver Fire Safety Experts to learn how you can benefit from their expertiese.

Benefits Of Installing Fire Alarm System.

The advantages of having these systems installed in your home are numerous. The first benefit is that they provide audible alerts in case of a fire hazard. This is vital since one might not be in the same place a fire starts and this alert will give the people in the building enough time to respond and escape to safety. It also allows the fire safety technicians to put out the fire using an extinguisher before it spreads out.

The second benefit is that they have optional placement and you can decide where you want them to be in your building. If one area of the building contains valuable items, then you could opt to put several detectors in that area so that the risk of fire is greatly minimized there.

Lastly, the cost of investing in a fire alarm system might be significant, but the financial benefit greatly overshadows it. Insurance companies will reduce your premiums if you have good fire alarm systems installed in your home. The cost of putting up your building and the valuables inside there should be massive, and a proper fire alarm system can protect your investment in no small way.